Need help picking out your black-tie attire?  We're here to help!

Ladies, look no further than Rent the Runway to find your perfect evening at a fraction of the price and with no packing involved.  This online rental boutique provides hundreds of dresses to choose from and will ship a backup size for you at no-charge. New customers get 20% off!  Simply follow the steps below.
Step 1: Find your dress.
Step 2: Select a 4 or 8 day rental period.
Step 3: Mail your dress back with a pre-paid return label.
Gentlemen, Nordstrom's The Black Tux is the perfect way for you to rent a suit or tux for a one-night, special evening event.  Rentals ship early so you can ensure the right fit and if there is an issue, you can request a second size within 48hrs at no additional cost.
Step 1: Browse the collection and choose your style.
Step 2: Find your fit by answering some questions online and  selecting a suit to be shipped to your address, then try it on in the comfort of your home.  Or, visit a local showroom to find the best size.
Step 3: Select October 22 as your event date and your rental will be delivered 2 weeks early.
Step 4: Mail your suit or tux back with a pre-paid return label.